17 Walden Street Winthrop, MA 02152  | (617) 539-4405  | info@bostontkdfitness.com

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17 Walden Street Winthrop, MA 02152  | (617) 539-4405  | info@bostontkdfitness.com

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Martial Arts

At Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy, we pledge to make each individual’s journey exciting and challenging while maintaining a safe and positive atmosphere.

The foundation of Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy lies in the core value of Martial Arts. Our program is unique because it combines the time tested principles and philosophy of both eastern and western cultures. The physical movements of Tae Kwon Do will significantly develop flexibility, coordination, balance, energy and overall muscle tone. 


Lil' Dragons

Our Lil' Dragons program teaches confidence, self-discipline and control and how to act and react to the world around them. We treat our students with respect and teach them how to return the same respect to others as we teach with praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Our students must be taught at a young age that they have an important role in their own development, as well, in order to ensure their own success.


Youth Program

Unlike most team sports, your child will not sit on the bench. Your child will be given equal attention and learn to willingly participate with energy and spirit! We believe that being a Martial Artist is not just learning how to kick and punch…it is about becoming the best that your child can be in every way. Our curriculum places emphasis on your child’s self-discipline, self-control, confidence, and concentration, and also teaches them the importance of goal setting and goal achievement. Our instructors will work diligently with your child to develop physical attributes such as strength, coordination, flexibility and overall muscle tone.



Teenagers can be influenced by their peers and face many life challenges. Our goal is to show them the right path with respect to family, education, and friendships. They will learn self-respect, self-esteem, perseverance, and confidence. They will feel in control, and will begin to carry themselves with an improved healthier and positive self-image. This is accomplished by developing and sustaining their personal best effort and succeeding in individual as well as team goals. This class offers the ultimate workout and they’ll have lots of fun doing it!

Vinny & Erin


We strongly believe that in order to be a better parent, spouse, co-worker or any other role you may take on, you have to focus on the most important person in your life – yourself. Although this may appear selfish, we have continuously found that our training results in a finer balance of your emotional and physical well-being. At Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy & Fitness, we understand most of our adult students have never taken a martial arts class and may be intimidated or fearful. Our primary goal is to make sure you are treated with compassion and patience. You will develop a new sense of confidence that will enable your body to adapt and perform more complex movements such as kicking, punching and grappling required in a self defense situation.